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A while back I was introduced to some fantastic free Bible study software; e-Sword by Rick Meyers.
e-Sword has transformed my Bible study time, making it more productive and enlightening. I now have at my fingertips information that was never available to my Dad in all his years of ministry.

I have created an e-Sword install DVD and added tons of great Bible study resources, such as a King James audio module and a Hebrew audio module, where you can click on a chapter and it will open your media player and play the MP3 file for that Chapter, maps, the Complete Works of Josephus, Philo, Early Church History of Eusibius, Greek and Hebrew interlinear Bibles, and tons more…(see below)

Click here to get yours!

Here is what is on the e-Sword DVD:
e-Sword v 9.9.1
e-Sword Screensaver
e-Sword Converter for V8 =>V9 Modules

And ….


Hebrew Old Testament
Hebrew Old Testament w/Strong’s
Westminster Leningrad Codex
Jewish Publication Society 1917
Hebrew Interlinear
AHRC-Mechanical Translation
AHRC-Revised Mechanical Translation
LXX – Greek Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures
LXX w/Strong’s
Brenton – English Sepuagint 1851
Bishops Bible
Geneva Bible
King James Version – 1611
King James Version
King James Version w/Strongs
King James Version w/Apocrapha
Word of Yahweh
The Scriptures 1998
New English Translation
International Standard Version
American Standard Version
English Standard Version
Young’s Literal Translation
Aramaic Of The Peshitta by George M. Lamsa
Accurate New Testament
Accurate New Testament with Strong’s
Textus Receptus Greek New Testament with Strong’s
Interlinear Greek New Testament
English Majority Text Version
Parallel of 8 translations
Commentary Files:
Hebrew Audio with MP3 files of every chapter of the Tenach
KJV Audio with MP3 files of every chapter of the Bible
New English Translation
Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge
Torah Portions
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the bible
AHRC-Mechanical Translation-Dictionary
Brown – Driver – Brigg’s Dictionary
CARM Theological Dictionary
Easton’s Bible Dictionary 1897
Fausset’s Bible Dictionary
Concordance to the Greek Scriptures
Hebrew Scriptures Concordance
King James Concordance
King James Dictionary
LXX Concordance
Nave’s Topical Bible Dictionary
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Strong Distionary +LXX cross reference
Strong’s Hebrew Greek Dictionaries
Thayer’s Greek Definitions
Two Babylons Dictionary.dctx
Vine Dictionary of New Testament Words
Vine’S Complete Expository Dictionary of Old Testament
Webster 1828 Dictionary A-L
Webster 1828 Dictionary M-Z
Topic Files:
Church History – Eusebuis
Church History – Fox’s Book of Martyrs
Church History – KJV 1611 Preface
Church History – The Writings of Ignatius
Extra Biblical – Targums – of Onkelos
Extra Biblical – Targums – Pseudo-Jonathan
Extra Biblical – The Book of Enoch
Extra Biblical – The Book of Jasher
Extra Biblical – The Dead Sea Scrolls
General – A Medical Account of Crucifixion
General – Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia
General – eSword Keyboard Shortcuts
General – Legends of Babylonia and Egypt
General – OJB extras
General – Plurality in the Godhead
General – Tortured for Christ
Grammar – Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar
Grammar – Strong – Greek in a Nutshell
Hebrew Roots – Dancing with the Scriptures
Hebrew Roots – Fulfil – what it REALLY means
Hebrew Roots – Hebrew Roots
Hebrew Roots – Messianic Prophecies
Hebrew Roots – Paul-Least in the Kingdom
Hebrew Roots – PowerPoints – PDFs Videos
History – Alfred Edersheim – Bible History the Old Testament
History – Alfred Edersheim – Sketches of Jewish Social Life
History – Alfred Edersheim – The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
History – Alfred Edersheim – The Temple – Its Ministry and Service
History – Josephus – Against Apion
History – Josephus – An Autobiography
History – Josephus – Antiquities of the Jews
History – Josephus – Talks about Hades
History – Josephus – Wars of the Jews
History – Philo – The Biblical Antiquities
History – Philo – The Complete and Unabridged Works
Rabbinic – Sayings of the Jewish Fathers
Rabbinic – The Babylonian Talmud
Rabbinic – The Mishna
Rabbinic – The Zohar
The Book of Creation
The Book of Illumination
The Book of Jubilees
The Lost Books of Eden
The Shepherd Of Hermas
The Two Babylons
Rare Books:
Jewish services in Synagogue and Home
Mazzaroth or the  Constellations
Megillat Taanit as a source for Jewish Chronology
Saadia Gaon His  life and Works
Targum Jonathan to the Prophets
The Ancient Melodies of the liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese  Jews
Henry Clay Trumbull – The Blood  Covenant
Henry Clay Trumbull – The Threshold Covenant
Henry Clay Trumbull – The Covenant of Salt
The Khabouris  Codex
Locations of Old Testament Events
American Bible Society Maps
Bible Atlas Maps
Black and White Bible Maps
Classic Bible Maps
Events of the Early Church
CIA World Factbook
Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923/1926
Bible maps from the Holman Illst. Bible Dictionary.
International Standard Version Maps
Life Events Ministry of Jesus Graphics
Bible Book Locations
Ancient Mediterranean
NASA Satellite Images
Bible maps from the “NET” Bible, set 1.
Bible maps from the “NET” Bible, set 2.
Maps 1998 Son Light Publishers
Biblical timeline according to the King James Bible.
World Maps
Gospel Harmony Files:
Old Testament verses in the New Testament sorted by OT Book
Old Testament verses in the New Testament sorted by NT Book
Prophecies of the Messiah
Torah Cycle
Verse Lists:
613 Commandments
God has Sons
One Father One God
One of God’s Sons is Yahshua
The Messiah used to Create everything
What or Who was Created First
Who has Existed from Eternity
Who is the Creator and source of all Life
Eklesia search results
NT Doctrine
NT Fulfil
NT Keep Commandments
OT Law is good
Ancient Paleo Hebrew (pictograph)
Middle Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew
SBL Hebrew
Semitic Early
Semitic Late
Semitic Middle
Semitic Modern

9 Responses

  1. I would like the DVD for Mac. How do I get it?

  2. Click on the link at the top of the article:
    There is only one version. You will need to install “Crossover for the Mac” to be able to make it all run properly! here is a link to a video that explains how to go about it.


  3. Is the DVD free to post and no need to purchase?

  4. Yes Kavian I will send one to you in the mail.

  5. Hello,
    Will this newer version allow one to retain all previous downloads, bible translations, commentaries, etc that we have installed since our first install of e-Sword. We recently downloard OSE1 scriptures and really don’t desire to loose anything we have already finished or are working on in our version of E-Sword?

  6. Yes, if you are using an old version of e-sword (prior to version 9) then the modules will need to be converted. but the newest version has many new features…

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