e-Sword 9 Converter 1.0.4

Latest version fixes a bug when converting .not files  Click here to Download.

eSword 9 Converter is a powerful tool for converting e-Sword 8.0.6 specification adherent modules to e-Sword 9.x modules.

New e-Sword Modules

Download the files and install them, then re-start e-Sword!


  • *NEW* PowerPoint Commentary Had too many problems with the PP Viewer.  PowerPoints are now displayed as PDF files.
  • PowerPoint presentations of Rico Cortez – WisdomInTorah, Rose Publishing, along with PDFs of Rare books!  This is a LARGE download over 240MB!  It will take a several minutes to download!

Updated e-Sword Modules


Other e-Sword Resources:

  • AwakenedChurch all the other resources created by AwakenedChurch.com bundled together
  • These include:


  • Word of Yahweh


  • Concordance to the Greek Scriptures
  • Hebrew Scriptures Concordance
  • LXX Concordance

Topic Files:

  • Fulfil – what it REALLY means
  • Hebrew Roots Articles
  • Over 300 Messianic Prophecies
  • Paul – Least In The Kingdom?
  • Plurality in the Godhead

Gospel Harmony Files:

  • Old Testament verses in the New Testament sorted by OT Book
  • Old Testament verses in the New Testament sorted by NT Book
  • Prophecies of the Messiah
  • Torah Cycle

Verse Lists:

  • 613 Commandments
  • God has Sons
  • One Father One God
  • One of God’s Sons is Yahshua
  • Passover
  • The Messiah used to Create everything
  • What or Who was Created First
  • Who has Existed from Eternity
  • Who is the Creator and source of all Life
  • Eklesia search results
  • NT Doctrine
  • NT Fulfil
  • NT Keep Commandments
  • OT Law is good

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  1. Please could you help
    I am doing a teaching for called Introduction to Torah and those present would like to order a DVD with e-sword on it. So as to minimize postage would it be possible to order 50 copies.
    Delivery address
    … (edited to remove address)
    I cannot find where to order this from your website. If I cannot do this this way then please could you assist
    Thanks for the help you give to the community
    Andre ten Krooden

  2. Yes I will send them to you.

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